National Rail Enquiries

In the last couple of weeks, NRE have introduced a new service on Facebook to keep passengers informed about disruption to train services.  We’ve been posting out information via Twitter for the last year and have approaching 20,000 followers across all of our accounts, but now we’re sending out the information via Facebook too.

One of our objectives is to ensure that people have the information at their finger tips to make choices about their travel plans. Whilst finding out about disruption to trains may not be the most exciting of your Facebook status updates, we hope that you will find the information useful.

If you’ve got any comments or suggestions about other ideas for new ways we can disseminate our information, please start a discussion on our Facebook page and one of my staff will get back to you.

In other news, wish us a happy birthday  – our online journey planner recently celebrated its 4th birthday! It now handles an average of 1.6 million journey planning requests each day, and has delivered 1.5 billion since we launched it in 2006. The latest phase of its development (to include journey planning from National Rail to DLR stations) goes live at the end of the month.

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  1. Could we see more flexability for station names in the origin/destination boxes? If I type in “St Pancras” or “Paddington”, I get nothing.

  2. I travelled back on the 17:30 from Kings Cross to York on Tuesday, 26 October. The train arrived in York at 19:50 (27 minutes late) but there were no announcements apologising for the delay or giving our expected time of arrival.

  3. Northfleet and Ebbsfleet are still shown on your maps as separate stations although they are effectively one station with several plaforms. The economic way to get to Eurostar from much of south-east London and west kent is to get the train to Northfleet and just walk through 40m to Ebbsfleet. That eases car parking at Ebbsfleet and promotes local off-peak travel running opposite to the commuter flow.

    • I’d like to second this, although I’m not sure I’d call them the same station. I’ve walked between the two with kids in tow and it takes just under 10 minutes platform to platform. It’s also cheaper to travel SE London to Northfleet and Ebbsfleet to Ashford rather than SE London to Ashford via Gravesend.

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